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Keystone Tree Services is a full-service tree care company. We provide quality services for commercial & residential property owners in Western Wisconsin. Our team is dedicated to keeping your property safe and your trees healthy!


Storm Cleanup

Have a tree down? Or one that looks like it could come down at any moment? Keystone Tree Services will get the job done quickly and safely!

Our hard-working team understands that fast-moving storms can create a huge mess in a  short amount of time. That's why we're well prepared, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergency tree removal services.


Tree Removal

Our team works with trees and projects of all sizes. We work hard to ensure clean removal, no matter how old the tree. And we protect property, family, and other buildings in the process. 

Crane Tree Removal

Our team has the know-how for large-scale projects, including technical rigging and cranes for large takedowns. 


Stump Grinding

Don't wait years or decades for that unsightly stump to decay! Stump grinding is far faster than chopping and chemical methods and poses no hazard to the environment.

Our stump grinding pros will get rid of that nuisance in an hour or two, fully clearing the area for lawn, gardening, or whatever you choose!

We do everything from start to finish - grind, clean, dirt fill, and rake/smooth out!


Skid Steer Services

Our skid-steer services are available for any size project. Whether you need grading, brush mowing, brush mulching/removal, drainage, field mowing, or full driveway installation prep, our team will get the job done in a quick, professional and timely manner! 


Land Clearing

We remove trees, stumps, and other vegetation to transform woody land for other uses. Our team has the experience and equipment to handle practically any land maintenance project. 

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